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What are the common materials for jewelry



Jewelry has become an indispensable part of everyone’s life. However, in reality, many people are not very clear about the common materials of jewellery. Here are some common materials for pet memorial jewelry? What are the characteristics of each material?

First, silver
Common silver is divided into 925 silver and full silver. 925 silver generally refers to a silver product containing about 92.5% of silver, and the purity is about 92.5%, which is considered pure silver. Because ultra-high purity silver is soft and easily oxidized, 925 silver adds 7.5% of other metals to give it the desired hardness, better shape, and various gemstones to create a variety of shapes, radiance, chic style, exquisite craftsmanship of silver.

Full silver is a thousandth of with a silver content of not less than 990. Full silver is generally processed into personalized name bracelets, pendants, long-life locks, bowls, chopsticks, cups, pots, etc. There are usually several signs in silver jewelry, one is S99, the other is S990, and S is the initial letter of the English word SILVER, representing silver. The content is 999, 990 and 925.

Second, gold
Common gold jewelry can be divided into pure gold and K gold from its gold content. The gold content of pure gold jewelry is over 99%, the highest can reach up to 99.99%.

K gold jewelry is a shortcoming that overcomes the high price of gold, low hardness, single color, easy to wear, and inconspicuous pattern. It is made of other metal jewelry in its gold material. Due to the amount of other metals added, the different K number of K gold jewelry is formed. The most used jewelry is 18K gold, total 3 colors: 18K white gold, 18K gold, 18K red gold (rose gold).

Third, platinum
PLATINUM, referred to as PT, is a naturally occurring white precious metal. Platinum shined brightly in the history of human civilization as early as 700 BC, and it has been considered one of the most expensive metals in the 2000-year history of human use of platinum.

The nature of platinum is very stable and will not deteriorate or fade due to everyday wear. Its luster is always the same. Even if it is in contact with acidic substances commonly found in life, such as sulfur in hot springs, bleach, chlorine in swimming pools, or sweat, it will not be affected, so you can wear platinum jewelry at any time with confidence. No matter how long you wear, Platinum will always maintain its natural white luster and never fade.

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